Due to its unique media guidance system, the AGFA 3312 prints on every material with its roll-to-roll system without any leaving stripes. This modern system allows two-sided backlits and blockouts to be printed with great precision. The machine also prints frontlits, meshes, backlits, blueback and citylight paper, as well as many other materials.



The AGFA 5024 Solvent equipped with 24 Spectra heads is the fastest among 5.1m wide machines. Actual resolution of 600 dpi (interpolated resolution: 1200 dpi) and 6-colour printing mean that the Jeti 5024 sets new standards of high-quality production. The modern system enables the printing of backlits, blockouts, banners, meshes, foils and billboard papers. The machine also prints frontlits, MESH meshes, blueback and citylight paper, as well as many other materials.

The Konica Minolta Nassenger Pro 60 is intended for direct dye-sub printing. It uses a 9-colour palette, giving incomparably greater colour depth and fidelity in relation to solutions based on the basic CMYK palette.



The DGI Velajet 1804 VE prints all materials used for advertising graphics, i.e. paper, foil, banners and other uncoated media. This model mainly features a negative pressure system. Connected with individual heating of separate heads, it offers constant automatic printing for the entire working day.


RS-640 machines carry out a series of tasks, from small high-quality prints, to common large-format banners or meshes. Artistic printing on special, classic laid papers constitutes no problem for the latest VersaArt. Roland VersaArt RS-640 is a four-headed solvent plotter operating in a CMYK setup, staying ahead of other machines in its class in terms of printing performance.


ROLAND PRO XJ-640 meets the requirements of large-format printing, i.e. high quality and rapid printing. The possibility of using six colours in a CMYK+LcLm setup (or four colours in CMYK+CM) and high resolution mode (up to 1440x1440 dpi) in connection with printing precision, make XJ plotters the perfect tools for the production of internal drawings, such as posters, POP presentations and high-quality reproductions.

JETRIX 2030 FRK UV is a superb solution for internal and external industrial applications. The machine is reliable and allows for high-quality printing in all conditions. Up to 2048 nozzles for each colour allow for a maximum printing speed of 55m2/h (Production mode). The 3060 x 2050mm flat bed extends the working space.



The Fotoba WR digital trimmer cooperates with a wide range of media of maximum thickness up to 0.5mm (e.g. foils, paper, vinyl, etc). Digital Print Rollcut WR devices have one lateral knife and up to 8 optional longitudinal knives that can be positioned as desired along a photograph, depending on its size.


JETRIX 3015 is ideal for UV printing on flat materials and roll-to-roll. Technologically advanced printing system Versa Drop meets all the needs of our customers. The machine prints on materials up to 3m wide and 10cm thick.


Sinclair and Triad welders are ideal solutions for the production of banners, placards, flags, tents, tarpaulins, awnings, etc.
Manual and self-propelled welders are intended for welding tarpaulins made from coated fabrics, foils, PVC coverings and tapes made from PE-coated fabrics. 3 Lister welders are professional welders for PVC banners. 2 eyelet machines ensure high efficiency and cost savings (min. 45 eyes/minute). The over 2-meter trimmer trims foils, banners and PVC materials.
JOPEVI is a highly efficient eyelet machine for banners and meshes. It makes high-quality steel eyes 12mm In diameter.













About the Luxpol Group

Luxpol Group stands for comprehensive services driven by five departments: balloons, pneumatic adverts, flags, large scale printing and printing on glass. The foundation lies in knowledge and creativity striving for top quality product. Our clients are guaranteed a large range of products.
Our services encompass drawing up designs, graphical processing, DTP, prepress, print as well as a complete array of binding services, packing and transport. A substantial and modern machine park facilitates technological options optimal for your needs and expectations.
A special research and test department was established to look after atypical and innovative assignments. Continual development and attentive listening to the needs of our Customers – are the two guiding principles in our day to day work.

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