Solvent printing:
- Frontlit banner (laminated).
- Frontlit banner (coated).
- Blockout banner.
- Laminated mesh B1.
- Fernni tarpaulin 900.
- Monomeric foil.
- Transparent foil.
- Backlit foil.
- Casting foil (for cars).
- Polymer foil.
- OWV foil (for windows).
- Polycanvas (imitation of canvas).
- Blueback side paper (for billboards).
- Citylight paper (for posters).
- Photo print paper.
- Roll up 85x200 (set).
- Roll up 100x210 (set).
- Roll up 120x220 (set).


UV printing:

- HIPS in standard format.
- Foamed PVC boards.
- Hard PVC boards.
- Standard PMMA – Plexi boards.
- TU-BOND boards.
- Cellular polypropylene boards.
- Layered TUSAND boards.





Dye-sub (dispersion) printing:

- Polyester textiles. 
- Flag textiles.
- Decorative materials.


At the customer’s request, we print on materials you provide us with, such as: glass, furniture boards, and many others.



About the Luxpol Group

Luxpol Group stands for comprehensive services driven by five departments: balloons, pneumatic adverts, flags, large scale printing and printing on glass. The foundation lies in knowledge and creativity striving for top quality product. Our clients are guaranteed a large range of products.
Our services encompass drawing up designs, graphical processing, DTP, prepress, print as well as a complete array of binding services, packing and transport. A substantial and modern machine park facilitates technological options optimal for your needs and expectations.
A special research and test department was established to look after atypical and innovative assignments. Continual development and attentive listening to the needs of our Customers – are the two guiding principles in our day to day work.

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