Dye-sub (dispersive) printing is a printing technique used very often in advertising. Throughout the printing process, it utilises the sublimation phenomenon. Ink for dye-sub printing is a mixture of standard and light colours, allowing a wide colour range to be reflected. Product evaluation from the design and development stage means that safe materials can be used and various security standards related to the production of eco- and user-friendly ink are fulfilled. The ink penetrates textiles of greater thickness, such as towels. Dispersive ink is available in the following colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Yellow, Light Black, Orange and Violet.

Solvent printing is a printing method used by ink plotters in which standard water inks are replaced by solvent pigment inks. Solvent printing is used in relation to any substrates containing PVC, in particular to substrates abhesive to water inks. Solvent printing is mostly used in large-format prints and prints resistant to external conditions for a longer period of time (up to several years). Solvent inks are resistant to numerous factors, including UV radiation, and generally do not require lamination. Banners, meshes, backlits, blockouts, foils and paper are most often printed using this method.






UV printing is based on UV inks. It is characterised by long-lasting colour performance, but at the same time average endurance, since printing is applied superficially. An advantage of UV inks is the ability to printing with white colour. The UV ink used in this process, also called a photocurable (UV) printing ink, is a kind of printing ink in which photopolymerisation, leading to ink drying, is initiated by UV radiation.







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Luxpol Group stands for comprehensive services driven by five departments: balloons, pneumatic adverts, flags, large scale printing and printing on glass. The foundation lies in knowledge and creativity striving for top quality product. Our clients are guaranteed a large range of products.
Our services encompass drawing up designs, graphical processing, DTP, prepress, print as well as a complete array of binding services, packing and transport. A substantial and modern machine park facilitates technological options optimal for your needs and expectations.
A special research and test department was established to look after atypical and innovative assignments. Continual development and attentive listening to the needs of our Customers – are the two guiding principles in our day to day work.

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